Been a while since I posted. XD

So, Christmas this year I need to make (or purchase) gifts for the following people:


For Anthony and me, I'm going to be making the Weighted Companion Cube Blanket. Which I've already started on and is going to take for effing ever.

Ashley, I'm going to make her the toe socks she's been wanting.

Rob is getting a plushie Companion Cube. Bought the yarn, but haven't started yet.

Not sure what to make for Jess yet. To be decided.

For Amanda and Mike, I want to make (or buy) an Om Nom Nom kitchen sign. Amanda saw one online and said she HAD to have it. And then forgot about it. Hope it's a good surprise.

And as for Paige? Finish her Driving Gloves, maybe? Hm.

We shall see.

Autumn Outfit

Well, I have decided that if I really want to post something for every project, I need to start grouping them together. I am working on my autumn outfit. It is getting chilly outside, so it's time to make some warmer clothes and accessories. These are all Ravelry links, which you have to have a Ravlery account to get into. The projects I have started link to my project. The ones I haven't started link to the pattern.

  1. Kimono Shrug
  2. Roll-Down Wristers
  3. Spick and Spats
  4. Negative Space

Chaotic Yule Secrets

I have many things planned for my D&D groups as Yule gifts, to which no one will be let in.

No one.

Not even you, Christina.

It's a total secret. Until Yule. I might even throw all of your presents into a bag and make you all scrabble around inside trying to figure out which one is yours. Yes, this year will be a chaotic Christmas.

And I am totally okay with that.

For those of you that are sneaky and will try to login to my Ravelry account to see what I'm working on, I have news for you. Was I smart and changed my password? Hell no! You'll see this instead:

I love Yule.

Tiny Projects: My Little Blue Dice Bag

From my brother Allen and my best friend Christina bought me some beautiful blue dice (just like the Caribbean blue, but not frosted) for Yule, and it turns out I had the perfect blue to match. This was my absolute first attempt at a knitted dice bag. No pattern, just improvised. It has a little point on the bottom.

Tiny Projects: Allen's Dice Bag

Allen, my brother, wanted a dice bag large enough for one set of dice. I decided to make him a little one. This only took me a few hours, but the stripes jog. He was happy enough with it.

Tiny Projects: Keythulhu

This went to Christina, our resident Dungeon Master. He's a little dirty, but she still has him. I used the pattern Cthulhu by NeedleNoodles with a 0.6mm hook and crochet thread. He's stuffed with polyfill.

Added Cuff, Please

Well, I have these really nice knitted socks. When I was a hundred pounds lighter, they were thigh-highs. Now, they won't stay on my thighs without rolling down. Since they're so tall, and I'm so short, I decided to unravel them to right below my knee, pick up stitches around, and then knit a cuff. On one, it's going to say "betch" and on the other, "deck." Idea of that courtesy Red, who also introduced me to the Kelly videos. They’re comedic and on YouTube. Check them out?

Completed in 2009

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